Your soul knows the way just follow your inner calling
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2019 - DNA Light Integrative Master/Teacher
2018 - 'Souls Ascension' oracle deck

2017 - Aura Light, Master/Teacher

2016 - Inner Calling ~ Ascension Awakening book (publisher and distributer)

2016 - Ascension Goddess Oracle cards (publisher and distributer)

2016 - Lightbody Attunement (founder)

2015 - Lazer Light healing (founder)

2015 - The Matrix Reality, Master/Teacher

2015 - Soul Star Signatures (founder)

2014 - Earth Light Reiki 1 & 2

2014 - Ascension Attunement healer/teacher

2013 - to 2015 Ascension angels support group, offering support, guidance and teaching on ascension awakening energy.

2013 – Inner calling website offering a development section, online classes, readings, and much more.

2011 - 2012 EDI Diploma with distinction in Life Coaching via the home learning college

2011 - Associate of  EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)

2010 - 2014 Online Facebook page (Inner Calling) motovational, thought provoking, supportive, encouraging, enlightening words of wisdom to help inspire, uplift and support.

2002 - 2009 Online spiritual community forum offering support, advice, guidance on spiritual and everyday aspects of a persons life.


I am a 'sensitive' intuitive empath, compassionate, caring, thoughtful, open and caring with my approach to how I work with clients. I offer a safe supportive environment guiding and supporting you through everyday life challenges and the ascension awakening journey. I help you to find solutions to any struggles and a way forwards, to bring well being to your mind, body and soul via readings, healings and soul portraits.

It is my passion to heal, guide, support, transform and empower clients so they feel balanced and in harmony within themselves and their life, and can move forward on their soul path and life journey with a renewed sense of positive purpose.

I look forward to work with you. To find out about the services I offer and for bookings follow the links below, or if you have any questions and enquiries contact me 


Wendy x

Readings offer guidance, insight, and clarity with any difficulty or challenge you are facing in any area of your life, it also acts as a great way for general guidance if you are just feeling stuck and unsure with what to do next on your soul path and life journey. During a reading session you also receive healing if it is needed.

Healings help with releasing old energy so you can move forwards again.

Physical ailments.
Make you feel at peace, balanced, uplifted, and energized.

Soul portraits are a unique way to see your true soul, that show the spiritual essence of you, helping you to see yourself, and to empower you with belief and faith in you. l reveal spiritual gifts, past lives, and guide you into seeing, remembering and utilizing your spiritual gifts.

If you would like to work with me click on the relevant headings above.

Once booking has been made for readings I will email you to arrange a time and day to suit you.

For soul portraits l will email you regarding photo.

Healings are given via distant/absent healing,

readings are by FB facetime, email, and recordings.