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Weekly reading for 20th - 26th January 2020


Energy update – New beginnings, rebirth, movement, freedom

Energies have been tough for many of us since the beginning of this year, a restless stuck feeling energy, which has been calling for us to let go of the old to create new space to birth the new. This is being felt in most areas of our life as we are being pushed and squeezed out of our old self and old life. It can feel very unnerving, frustrating and even fearful, especially when you can't see what is coming and/or are unsure on what to do next. This not seeing is partly to do with teaching us to have faith in the unknown and to take a literal leap of faith in letting go and surrendering to the not knowing.

At last there is a glimmer of change on the horizon as the energies are stating to lift a little as we move into Aquarian energy that has a lighter fluid movement feel. Areas of your life that have felt stuck will start to shift, ideas and inspiration will slowly come back, and a sense of seeing and knowing what to do and how to do it regarding setting new goals or birthing new energy into existing ones will come with clarity and insight.

We also have the new moon on the 24th of January in the sign of Aquarius, which is great energy for initiating new beginnings and fresh start. If you have done a lot of releasing work since the last full moon you will find that your life begins to get moving again, if you haven't you may find yourself being put into positions where you have to deal with certain areas of your life that have been challenging so you can finally let go and free yourself to start over, a literal new beginning in your life like a rebirth.

Weekly card reading

Monday - Tuesday – 'Boundaries'

Boundaries are so important, especially if you are highly sensitive to energies not just from others but from the collective too. Boundaries help to keep your energy and well being balanced, and show others that you wont be walked over, used or taken for granted.

Check in with your boundaries now and ask yourself, Do you find yourself being drained around certain people? Do you feel used by others and always seem to be saying yes all the time and feel like you are taken for granted with little in return for all you do? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it's time to set strong healthy boundaries that set an example to others about your worth, and what you will and wont tolerate anymore.

Setting boundaries also builds your self worth, self respect, and self love, which are all part of caring and looking after you, which the energies are highlighting most of this month.

Practice new boundaries, feel into how it feels, and notice how others react and respond to your new boundaries. This will also help you to see who perhaps needs to be let go of to create space for new people to come into your life that see your worth and appreciate you too.


Wednesday - Thursday – 'Freedom'

This card leads on nicely to the one above setting the new boundaries brings in a sense of freedom, because you are taking charge of your life and not allowing others to dictate or control you in any way.

Freedom comes when you set yourself free from all drama, conflicts and unhealthy situations and people. This is also about freeing you from those cloudy, confusing, conflicting thoughts that are usually stemmed in self sabotaging thought patterns and behaviours, this card comes to help you release negative thought patterns to free your mind to make space for inspired uplifting motivational and loving thoughts this can also come by removing yourself out of unhealthy situations and people in your life, again this card is highlighting new beginnings by letting go of the old and outworn. Our soul's are leading us down new paths now, which can only be walked down when we open the new door by first closing the old door. 

Are you ready to fly free from all that has been holding you back? Are you ready to finally break away from toxic people and toxic living conditions, this card is helping to birth a new you and new life by setting you free to soar high.


Friday - Sunday – 'Growth'

After all the boundary setting and looking at areas of your life that need to be let go of and changed this card is confirmation letting you know that change is growth and although change can be scary and unsettling it is a great way to bring positive movement and new energy into your life, a fresh clean slate to start over and/or to inject new life energy into existing projects, goals, dreams and wishes.

We can't stay stuck where we don't belong any more, change is energy in motion and without change we can't grow, we can't stretch ourselves and our capabilities, we can't learn something new. 

Change brings new life into our hearts and soul, it brings in a sense of wanting adventures, fun, joy, it breathes fresh air and life into any area of our life that has felt stuck and like we are slowly suffocating.

After the new moon on Friday this card is a great affirmation to begin a new chapter in your life and to plant new seeds of new dreams and goals that resonate with the new you.

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