Totem Animal Soul Portrait with a re

Do you feel you need extra guidance on your souls journey right now?

Have you affinity with certain animals?

Have you a calling to understand more about your inner power and how to work with it to benefit you and your life?


Totem anaimals can bring great strength and offer unconditional guidance on your soul path and in your everyday life too. They teach an understanding of how to work with nature and yourself to bring positive experiences and opportunities into your life


The portrait is infused with healing and transformational energy from your channeled totem animal that you can work with to utilise your spiritual gifts, and awaken your authentic spiritual self.

The reading shows you ways of interacting with your totem animal and how to work with their insight, wisdom, and teachings.


About the portrait

Wendy connects to your energy via a photo of yourself and receives intuitive impressions about your energy, and intuitively receives information about what totem animal is around you at present. She channels what she sees, feels, and hears into your portrait to deliver an empowerment drawing that will aide you on your spiritual development.


About totem animals

Animal totems contain a natural power that can allow you to see and love and know more of the earth, life and especially yourself.


Animal spirit guide totems hold power and knowledge that we can use to be one with nature - all that is and will be. Many cultures of the past understood and used the power of animal totems.


Totems can be particularly useful in today's society where it is easy to forget the essence and true spirit of life and love in the midst of high technology. Use your personal animal totem to awaken the natural balance with nature that you already possess. You can be healthier and happier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in understanding and honoring your animal totems.


A totem animal portrait empowers a great way to work with your souls energy and connect to your spiritual totem animal, offering insight into your strengths, and helping to guide you into your souls higher calling.

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