New - Starting August 1st 2019

Join Ascension Starseeds Membership group

to work with me as I support and guide you on your ascension and life journey,

and to connect with like minded people in the Facebook private members group. 

Ascension Starseeds Membership

One you have booked your membership Wendy will email you with details and link to facebook members group
Ascension Starseeds Membership
£111 GBP for 3 months
  • Life mentoring and ascension articles
  • Weekly ascension energy updates
  • Week ahead card reading every week
  • 2 group healing events every month
  • Group mini card readings every week
  • 10% off energy services
  • Special events

Why join?

I created Ascension Starseeds to support and guide you on your ascension journey and life path, and wanted to offer an affordable service to help as many people as possible understand what is going on for them and to offer a safe supported space to ask questions and receive weekly and monthly guidance and healing.

What you receive each month as an Ascension Starseed member;

  • To connect with other like minded people who are experiencing the ascension journey and are going through similar life experiences as you in a safe supported space.

  • Weekly ascension energy updates focusing on what is currently going on with the energies and how to work and integrate them.

  • A weekly reading focusing on the energies for the coming week and how you can work with the energies to support your soul growth and life path.

  • 2 healing events a month focused around the new moon and full moon that will tailored to support the ascension energies and help you integrate the incoming energies, shifts and downloads focusing on chakras, releasing old energy and integrating new energy (light), and to help you balance and ground.

  • Mini card readings and other special member events.

  • 10% off all energy services; readings, healings, soul sessions and soul portraits.

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