Soul Sessions

1 on 1 private soul sessions to aide in shifting old energy to bring positive forward movement in all areas of your life

1 hr session - £66

or 2 sessions for £111

For more inquiries and bookings please CONTACT Wendy

Soul Sessions are a combination of talking therapy and healing therapy, that delves deeper into your subconscious and unconscious parts of self to heal and transform all blocks to your energy flow, addressing past trauma, conditioning ways and behaviours, emotional reactions and actions, and thought processes.

We can also discuss your spiritual journey and ascension process.


This is a powerful healing process that can bring great shifts and realignment to your higher purpose and help you move forward on your soul path and life journey.

It is an embodiment to living your truth and being your authentic self, a literal baring of your soul to bring up everything that no longer serves your soul to release old stuck energy and bring beneficial empowering transformation.


If you have already been on your own healing and transformation journey but have been feeling stuck, unsure, frustrated, anxious and fearful and are ready to delve deeper to release, heal, realign and transform book your soul session today.


Soul sessions are offered via skype or facebook facetime

A session is 1hr and consists of talking therapy, guided meditation healings or absent/distance healings. All is tailored to you and I will be guided on what is best for you.

It is advisable to have several sessions over a month period due to the intensity of the healing work, but there is no obligation to book more than 1. Follow your intuition on what you feel is right for you at this time.


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