Soul Portraits with readings
Size A2 (16 inches by 23 inches) 
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Starseed Gifts

A Starseed soul portrait represents an aspect of your starseed higherself from higher dimensions, and is a great aide for your ascension journey.

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Past Lives

A galactic portrait shows you your inner spiritual strengths and gifts, focusing on a past life or a number of past lives. 


Connect to your purpose

Soul portraits with a reading bring clear insight, clarification, guidance and support on your life path and ascension journey.

A soul portrait acts as a doorway, creating its own energy grid, giving a client greater access to their higher multi-dimensional self, through a transformational process of re-remembering spiritual gifts and connecting to their authentic soul and spirit.


I connect to a client's energy (soul) via a photo, receiving intuitive messages about their soul path, purpose and past lives, which I channel into the reading. Once the written reading is complete this gives me a platform on how to create the soul portrait, and what needs to be added that is most relevant for their soul and soul purpose.


As I draw I channel high frequency healing energy into the portrait, clients have often said that when they hold their portrait for the first time they feel the healing energy, and become emotional, as it is like 'seeing' themselves for the first time.


Soul portraits with a reading bring clear insight, clarification, guidance and support for a client's soul path and life journey, and help with:

Knowing their soul’s purpose

Awakening spiritual gifts

Embracing their soul’s passion

Connecting to their authentic self

Reaching their highest potential


I love supporting clients in the process or re-connecting to their soul essence, embracing their purpose and a remembrance of past lives, bringing clarity, and awakening spiritual gifts that aides in powerful transformation within themselves and their life.

What you receive:

Art work posted/shipped to you.

Reading sent by email