Soul Portraits with readings
Size A2 (16 inches by 23 inches) 
For enquiries, pricing and bookings contact Wendy


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Starseed Gifts

A Starseed soul portrait represents an aspect of your starseed higherself from higher dimensions, and is a great aide for your ascension journey.

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Past Lives

A galactic portrait shows you your inner spiritual strengths and gifts, focusing on a past life or a number of past lives. 

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Connect to your purpose

Soul portraits with a reading bring clear insight, clarification, guidance and support on your life path and ascension journey.

Soul portraits are a unique way to see your true soul, that show the spiritual essence of you, helping you to see yourself, and to empower you with belief and faith in you. l reveal spiritual gifts, past lives, and guide you into seeing, remembering and utilising your spiritual gifts.

About soul portraits

Soul Portraits are intuitive drawings revealing aspects of your true spirit through powerful, vibrant colour and energy symbols and geometry shapes.


You receive a divinely guided channelled art portrait, alive with vital high-frequency energy, providing healing, awakening, soul retrieval, soul remembering and inspiration, plus a detailed reading.


The soul portrait acts as a doorway, creating its own energy grid, giving you greater access to your higher multi-dimensional self.


Soul portraits with a reading bring clear insight, clarification, guidance and support on your soul path and ascension journey, and help with;

  • Knowing your soul’s purpose

  • How to embrace your soul’s passion

  • Connecting to your higher self

  • Reaching your highest potential

How I work

 l intuitively connect to your energy (soul and spirit) via a recent photo of you. l start with the main part of the reading and take aspects from the reading that l incorporate into the art portrait.

The soul portrait can take 1/2 weeks to complete (longer if l am busy with bookings)

What you receive

A detailed art soul portrait size A2 posted/shipped to you.

UK 1st class signed for. Shipping signed and tracked, delivery can take 1 -4 weeks.

A detailed reading and information about the portrait sent by email.


This is one one of the most amazing things I have ever done for myself. I have watched Wendy’s beautiful art over the past few years and wanted a portrait but knew I didn’t know enough to understand its meaning. When I finally had it done, it was an amazing and enlightening journey. She is truly gifted and I have yet to come across another. I highly recommend anyone getting one done, especially if you feel you are at a crossroads or ready to take that next leap of your evolution or just feel lost and want some guidance. This won’t be my last interaction with her. Thank you so much Wendy

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