Solar flares & storms upgrades

The suns new solar cycle is ramping up with huge sun spots turning to face earth within a stream of solar geomagnetic storms buffeting the earths atmosphere.

So what does this mean for you?

For those of you sensitive to these energies it can cause a mirage of physical symptoms from headaches, stomach issues, feeling tired, ungrounded, hot and cold sensations and frazzled.

Many believe that these solar activities are linked into ascension downloads and upgrades. and depending on the intensity and amount of 'light' energy coming from the solar activity depends on what you feel 'receive' as a download or upgrade.

I often feel the suns solar flares and storms a few days before they arrive on Earth, feeling either extra tired with churning stomach, feeling dizzy and off kilter or extra hyper, I find the solar storms tend to bring the former feelings and the solar flares bring a sense of upliftment and creative energy, but you may find they are different for you.

I find drinking more water helps, as the influx of light energy can cause dehydration, hence the headaches, and extra grounding can help, especially if you feel dizzy, which is linked into the higher energy frequencies integrating, also power naps can help.

Sometimes I experience intense hot or cold sensations. When I feel extra cold it tends to link into needing to sleep, and when extra hot it usually relates to a huge amount of creative energy coming in, creative pursuits helps to release the overload feeling that comes with these energies.

The Earth facing solar flares that are gearing up to strong C class solar flares can feel very intense and over whelming, especially if you are overly sensitive to these energies, follow what your physical body is needing, which could be more sleep, extra water, you may also experience needing to eat more, also extra grounding will help to anchor in the energies and balance them out.

The solar flares even though they can feel very overwhelming at times are actually helping you to purge old energies to replace with new energy, helping you to raise your energy frequency as you integrate the solar energy full of vitality, upliftment and a creative flow.

Only take what resonates with you.


Wendy x

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