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Oracle decks come presented in a box with a guide book.

The 33 Soul Ascension Oracle cards come packaged inside a box and includes a guidebook with information on how to conduit readings for yourself and others, and a channelled message for each card.

Each of the channelled messages of the Cards can be used to tap into daily guidance, or specific insights into your questions or current situation regarding your ascension journey and everyday life challenges.

Each of the 33 Soul Ascension Cards features vibrant artwork that l have created to help you raise your vibration  and tap into your full inner light and power available on the Ascension path.



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Get ready to work with these amazing magical enlightening and transformational Goddess Ascension Oracle Cards, super-charged with high frequency activations through the symbols and geometric shapes in the art work, and powerful transforming healing given from the Goddesses through their words of guidance, insight, and clarification. Helping you to heal within and to see more clearly on any area of your life that is causing challenges.


With their words of wisdom, truth and love they gentle guide you on how to heal and work through difficulties and struggles to remove blocks so you can move forwards positively and proactively to bring positive change within your inner world and outer world.


The very special images on these cards are of Soul Portraits that l have created, which contain activations through the imagery, symbols, and colours. The cards will help you to shift, awaken, transform, and receive insights into whatever you ask of them. Use them for personal or client readings, or use them as activational and affirmational cards to work with specific issues.