My ascension awakening journey


My ascension awakening journey began in 2009, which often begins for many with a huge life change, traumatic event, or illness. For myself I became very ill, and had 2 years of countless tests for everything. Most test results came back normal, the only major issue was low white blood count and low liver count that had no explanation for why that happened. But looking back my body was literally detoxing and transforming from the inside to the outside. At this time I also suffered from terrible joint and muscle aches that was difficult to describe to the doctors what l was feeling, which was like a twisting and crushing sensation at the same time. No explanation for the muscle and joint pain was found either.

Eventually my liver count and white blood count returned to normal after having a lot of time off work. During this time of recuperation and rest I knew I wanted to work for myself, but I didn’t know how to, or even where to begin. I was already doing card readings and healings, but I knew I needed something else to really get it going to make it into a full-time business.

When I look further back on my journey I also had a life changing event in 1996 where I was involved in a car accident, and was lucky to get out alive. I suffered post-traumatic stress disorder for about 2 years after, during that time my emotions were all over the place and I suffered badly with panic attacks all day every day, that were very deliberating and scary sometimes.


So in a way I could say my ascension awakening happened back in 1996, but due to life situations, work, relationships and family situations it held me back for a while until my physical body made me take notice again in 2009, and this is when I began to look into the ascension awakening, what does it mean, why is it happening and many other questions.

When I became self employed

Due to my own experiences with the spiritual awakening (ascension) I began to write about them, and shared my experiences online via my website and Facebook pages. My writing was flowing and I had accumulated a lot of articles. I knew and felt guided to put all my writings into a book, which was born in 2016, ‘Inner calling, ascension awakening’. Around the same time I birthed my first oracle card deck, 'Goddess Ascension Oracle', that was taken from images of soul portraits, which I began creating for clients from 2013.

2013 is when I began my self-employed spiritual business. The sense of freedom I have now, and being able to help others through my readings, healings, ascension activations, spiritual mentoring and soul portraits is a wonderful feeling, especially when l know I have played a part in helping to change a client’s life. This is my soul’s purpose helping clients to step back into their power and to see their true self, and as I have been helping others it has also been helping my journey too.

What's to come in the future

The ascension awakening journey has not been an easy path, but it has brought huge transformation, powerful clearing, detoxing and aligning with my higher calling. There have been times when it has been a real struggle but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, because through all the ascension waves it has taught me so much about myself, my gifts, and is opening up further doors to expand my souls purpose.


Healing gift was born

This led into my healing path because I was introduced to reiki healing to help with my panic attacks that I found amazingly effective in elevating the symptoms. When the panic attacks stopped I studied Reiki 1 and 2, although I found it very powerful and it helped to open up my healing ability I found it very rigid and too controlling in where you lay your hands, and all the symbols you had to use. I wanted and felt my soul needed something more fluid and natural, this is when I studied spiritual healing, I loved the connection to Earth and Source to be a circuit for the healing light energy, it felt more natural and right for me.

I started doing healings for friends, family and clients, but I still felt that I wanted to stretch my healing ability. This is when I started to do distance/absent healing. I felt it allowed my soul and spirit more freedom to expand to higher frequencies and connect deeper to a client’s soul. My healing work has changed over the years, I am now able to ‘see’ right into a client’s physical body almost like ‘psychic surgery’ but done on an energy level instead of ‘laying of hands’. I look forward to see what else will be shown to me in my future healing work.