About the healing

  • Once booking has been made I will email you to arrange day and time for healing to suit you.

  • Healing is sent via distance/absent healing.

  • Healing will last around 30/40 mins.

  • A written report of the healing will be sent after the session by email.

'I had a Lazer Light Distance Healing, and I am 110% satisfied with the healing I received yesterday. I wrote down 2 pages of what I was experiencing yesterday and am still experiencing today. The healing is magical the experience well worth the time. Wendy hit on all the issues I needed assistance with while having no information from me in doing so. Although it's exhausting I am grateful for her assistance on my journey. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to further their healing for the greater good of all and the journey in getting there. Peace be with you Blessed be your Healings! Thank You dear Wendy.' ~ Tracy

Lazer Light Healing £32.50

 This is a very powerful healing that works on an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental level, and is very beneficial for all aches and pains, including skin problems, blood disorders, and even skeletal problems.

What is Lazer Light healing?

Lazer light healing is a powerful healing where I am guided into your physical and spiritual bodies and shown where there are physical problems in your organs, blood and bones.

It works similar to psychic surgery, but I administer this healing on a spiritual energy frequency level that is performed via absent/distance healing.

I work with light beings who I hold space for and act as a channel so they can administer the healing energy as they guide me on what is needed for your healing.


What can it help with?

It can help with a mirage of physical problems such as chronic musculoskeletal pain, such as arthritis and strained or inflamed muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, reduces inflammation such as access heat, helps with skin irritations and rashes, improves blood circulation, addresses problems in organs.

It is also a great aide for the ascension process by unblocking chakra energy centers, re-energizes and realigns you to your energy frequency, brings balance within your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, and can activate chakras depending on what is needed for you at the time of the healing.


What do I receive?

I begin with a scan of the chakras to check for any imbalances and problems, then they are cleansed with earth light and source light. After wards I concentrate on the specific core issues within your body that I am shown, and work with the Lazer Light healing energy to cleanse, purify and heal.

After the healing treatment you receive an email report of what I saw, felt, and did during the healing. You can have one treatment or a series of treatments depending on the severity of your ailments.


What to expect when you receive the healing

You may experience sensations of intense heat or cold, usually where I am doing the healing work within your body, and you may feel sleepy or experience pins and needles or tingling sensation on particular areas of your body, especially on the areas l am doing the healing.

Healing may continue for a few days or up to a week after the treatment. 


After care

I ask clients to drink extra water, this helps to absorb the healing energies that have been given, and allows the energy to filter further into your body as the healing will carry on for a while afterwards.

You should start to feel improvements within a few days, and in some cases even a few hours after a treatment