Welcome to Inner Calling

Wendy Murphy is a soul mentor and artist.

Specialising in oracle card intuitive readings,

healings and soul art. Living and working in London, UK.

She is known for her energy updates on social media platforms

and her vibrant soul portraits.

Wendy has been working with clients from around the world for over 30 yrs

and she has currently created over 300 soul portraits

that can be found in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and USA.


Come and join Wendy on Facebook 

where she shares energy updates, Schumann resonance updates,

spiritual practices, and healing events to support you on your life journey and soul path.

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Soul Portraits with a reading
Discover your true soul's calling and higher purpose via an art portrait of yourself with a personal detailed reading

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Goddess of Magic ~ Rebecca 230122.jpg
wayshower of freedom ~ Philipp 211221 (2).jpg

Soul portraits are a unique way to see your inner soul's essence.

I reveal spiritual gifts, past lives, and guide you into seeing, remembering and utilizing your spiritual gifts.

For more information, pricing and bookings visit Soul Portraits or Contact Wendy

Energy Services

Readings offer guidance, insight, and clarity with any difficulty or challenge you are facing in any area of your life.
Hi Wendy! Thank you for the reading. It was way more than expected and spot on!!'
A healing can aide;
Releasing old energy so you can move forwards again.
Physical ailments.
Make you feel at peace, balanced, uplifted, and energized.