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Next Group HEALING EVENT 23rd February 2020 
11.11pm (GMT- London, England)

New Moon Healing Event - 23rd January 2020
11.11pm (GMT - London, England)
~ Chakra clearance, re-balance and 3rd eye and crown chakras activations ~

There is an option to send an energy exchange for my time and energy given, which would be greatly appreciated either £3, £5 or whatever you wish.
My paypal is wendymurphyic@hotmail.com please set to GBP (great british pounds) if you don't have a paypal account contact me for other alternative.

​*** Please add your name/s to this healing list, you are welcome to add pets.
When adding friends/family please ask for permission from them before adding to the healing list.

​About the healing event
The healing will be focusing on clearing and re-balance of chakras and and activation of 3rd eye and crown chakras, which will help with insight, clarity and intuition and connection to higherself and source, also a great aide for the ascension journey.

​Healing is sent via absent/distance healing. Session is around 30/40 minutes.

You are welcome to sit at the same time as l send the healing, but if you can't due to time difference you will still receive the healing.

​After a healing make sure to ground and drink more water than normal to integrate the energy healing given.

​I also offer 1 on 1 distance/absent healing sessions PM me for more info.