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Client agreement 2022

Readings, healings and soul portrait bookings act as your contractual agreement with the following:

Regarding readings and healings;

  • My work is spiritual and intuitive. It is not a substitute for medical, legal, financial or other specific professional advice. If you need this kind of assistance, please contact the appropriate professional.

  • For readings and healings you can reschedule your appointment after booking up to 24 hours, Contact Wendy to do so. If you must reschedule please try to give as much notice as you can.

  • You cannot change your appointment within 24 hours of the time, you can either keep your appointment or contact Wendy to let her know you wish to cancel it

  • Please let me know if you are going to be late for your appointment. If you are late, I may have to shorten your appointment time to accommodate other scheduled appointments.

  • Please Note: If you cancel or fail to turn up for your reading or healing there will not be a refund or rearrangement.

  • All bookings are final. There are no refunds, partial refunds, credits, exchanges or payment cancellations for payments made in full or via any instalment plan I may agree to or any payment method. This includes all services and products on Wendy’s website.

  • If for any reason, I have to cancel your appointment, I will either refund your payment in full or book a new time & date with you depending on what you would prefer.

  • If you accidentally order a Service twice, (which does sometimes happen), then I am more than happy to refund you. I am charged a fee from Paypal for every payment made, unfortunately, I do not get this fee back, so this will be taken off your refund.

Regarding soul portraits and the finished art work:

  • No refund is given if full payment has been paid and Wendy has begun on the portrait.

  • For 2 part payment plan for soul portraits the first half for deposit no refund is given if you cancel the booking after deposit has been paid.

  • Wendy has the right of copyright for all soul portraits, which means she can use the soul portrait art work for any commercial use for her business and for advertising, unless you contact Wendy asking for copyright of your soul portrait.

You will be agreeing to these terms when you make your booking.

Please be sensible about using complementary therapies and always seek the appropriate medical advice.

All products and services available on this site (excluding soul portraits) will only be given to persons over the age of 18

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