About the healing

  • Once booking has been made I will email you to arrange day and time for healing to suit you.

  • Healing is sent via distance/absent healing.

  • Healing will last around 30/40 mins.

  • A written report of the healing will be sent after the session by email.

Chakra Balance Healing £17.50 

Chakra cleansing, realigning and balancing

Does your energy feel blocked?

Do you feel that things are not moving forward as you wish in your life?

Do you feel unbalanced?

An ascension chakra attunement healing can help to align your chakra energy centers and bring balance to your well-being, making you feel calm and contented within, and bring movement forward in your life.

As The energy frequency of Earth and within ourselves is changing, so are our chakra centers as we vibrate higher. Many ascension symptoms relate to the changes going on with our chakra energy centers as they are cleansed and realigned.

Depending on where you are on your ascension journey will depend on what you experience. Everyone's ascension journey is unique to them, and will depend on many factors including inner healing. Transitions and inner changes are never easy, a chakra energy attunement can help you with this process.

What you receive

During an ascension chakra attunement healing I scan your chakras to see what is currently going on for you, then l release any blocks to your energy circuit so your energy can flow freely and efficiently, which will help with the changes to your chakras. Healing and light is directed where it needs to go for your highest good, and integration and movement of chakras may take place if I see this already happening within your chakras. You will also receive a general healing to bring balance.