'Inner Calling' ~ Ascension Awakening

Self published on 12th September 2016

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'Inner Calling, Ascension Awakening' 

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Paper back


Inner Calling has 2 main sections Ascension and Development. The ascension section has 7 sections that covers the ascension journey; Introduction, Stages, Healing, Release, Energy, Activation, and Transformation. Each section is full of articles, self-help tips, exercises for self-development, and meditations.


Have you ever wondered what is going on and why you are experiencing so many changes within your physical body and within your life? Do you ask yourself what is the Ascension? Why is it happening? How will it affect me? What can I do to help my ascension?


‘Inner Calling’ offers you a golden key to unlock your inner power through a series of ascension articles, spiritual development exercises, and meditations to aide you on your ascension journey, and life path. This book will help you to understand the stages, what to expect, what you can do to help your ascension, as well as offer you guidance for your spiritual development, and soul path.