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My Story...

Here you can find out about my spiritual journey and how l found my purpose and calling

Early Childhood...

From early childhood l had experiences of seeing ghosts after a few serious illnesses that opened an ability to see and sense spirits, which was the beginning of my journey into the paranormal.

My Dad was an art teacher and my mum was an artist and graphic artist so l was surrounded by art while growing up, which birthed my own love of art and my drawing/painting abilities. l especially loved drawing faces, it was the eyes that drew me in, ‘the windows to the soul’, which led in later life to my ability to ‘see’ into a person’s soul; their energy, that helped with my healing ability, and soul portraits.

When l was 8 my nan introduced me to the art of hands on healing, at the time l didn’t know what it meant, she suffered badly from arthritis and she would often say to me rub your hands together to warm them up and place them on my knee, l would ask why and she would say the heat from your hands makes me feel better. She also showed me how to read tea leaves, but as l was so young l didn’t understand it was a reading ability, l would just look at the tea leaves and see pictures.

When l was 11 my dad brought me a book, ‘the mysteries of the world’ that l devoured and found fascinating, it intrigued me, and l wanted to know more about the mysteries in the world. l started asking questions and seeked answers, especially to the unexplained mysteries of the world, that research has never stopped since.

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In my teens ...

In my early teens l had experiences of premonitions, foreseeing situations before they happened, which were often not nice experiences, l had the ability to sense energy in an environment…one time l was at an event with a friend and there was a person there who l kept feeling bad things from and had a ‘feeling’ that something bad was going to happen, l kept telling my friend to stay away and not go where this person was but she didn’t listen and later there was a confrontation between her and this person that ended up with my friend getting hurt. My mum was also at this event and she said after how did you know that was going to happen at the time l couldn’t explain it…all l said was l just knew. l had many experiences like this they were like warning signs trying to protect my friends, family and myself, but when l look back at those times it was another way to learn and understand about energies from people and the environment, which also taught me about my intuition

In my 20s l gave birth to my son where my abilities seemed to stop for a few years until l met a partner who opened my clairvoyant ability, l would be hugging him and l would see flashes of his life from a child where he lived before, his family, places he went to, it played in my mind like a film reel… snap shots of his past.

This led to my psychic abilities becoming more prominent and the ‘claires’ birthing. l have all the claires, Clairaudience (hearing voices) · Clairvoyance (seeing images) · Clairsentience (recognizing feelings) · Claircognizance (knowing), they are not always all prominent in my life at the same time, but clairsentience is with me constantly.

In my late 20s l decided to run a spiritual online forum, ‘seekers of spirit’, that lasted for 9 years, it was a place where l practiced my psychic readings and began to share experiences and life stuff to help others, l loved writing and l often found myself channelling messages.

In 1996 l had a serious car crash and l suffered for nearly 2 years with severe panic attacks and l was having a lot of emotional problems, to help with my recovery l received healings from a few good friends that practiced healing, which piqued my interest in the art of healing l wanted to know more and learn. l studied and practiced healing and over the years my healing ability progressed and changed a lot, it was another way to learn and understand about energy and to help others.

After l closed seekers of spirits l continued with my writing offering support, guidance and readings via my business page inner calling on Facebook, during this time l was working in schools supporting special needs children, but in 2013 l decided to become self-employed running my spiritual business inner calling. l was busy with readings and began to offer soul portraits incorporating my love of art and readings. l was also running several classes online that included guided meditation, psychic and mediumship development.

l closed my facebook page and moved to my personal facebook page where l am known for my energy updates and supportive posts about life challenges and how to work through them, plus spiritual posts about the spiritual awakening process and spiritual practices.

My purpose and passion in life is art and in helping to support others on their journey in life and with their own spiritual awakening/development. So much has changed since 2020 and my spiritual journey is changing once again, there is so much more to learn and experience about energies, new spiritual practices, a calling into a higher purpose and a change of direction, which has birthed a new design of my website that is moving slightly away from readings as l incorporate life coaching and soul mentoring into my spiritual business, a different deeper way to support clients in these changing times.

l look forward to see what comes next, and to continue to support many more clients on their life journey and soul path.

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