If you are in a current relationship or are looking for love below are some of the questions we all ask and want clarification, insight, and guidance on at times;

Are they my soul mate?

Are they being truthful?

What is holding me back from finding true love?

Will we be reunited?

Will they commit?

Is the relationship worth saving or is it time to let go?

When will l find love?


A relationship reading will look into what is currently going on around you both now, or if you are looking for love what is happening around you now and how you can start to attract the right partner, and what blocks there may be and how you can move past them. If you are in a relationship it will show you the depth of the relationship; if they are a soul mate, karmic, or physical earth relationship.


By connecting to both of your energies via a photo l intuitively read your energies to see what is going on in both of your lives and what the connection is; if it will be lasting, if it's a soul healing relationship, a long term partnership, or a karmic learning lesson one. l can see right into the core essence of your bond to help you with releasing any blocks, especially past life karmic ones, and also help you to see the authenticity of the relationship.


These readings are especially helpful for those of you that are confused, unsure, have decisions or choices to make, or just want to know when love will enter your life.



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