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~ Soul Energy Signatures ~

soul star, earth star, and star-mates

A soul energy signature represents your energy; your soul, through the use of colours, patterns, and shapes

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Spiritual services l offer are readings, soul art portraits, galactic digital portraits, healings, and attunements.


You can also find me on Facebook, where l offer inspiring uplifting quotes, words of wisdom, and teachings,

plus great empowering articles on all spiritual subjects with ascension energy reports.


Where ever you are on your spiritual path, whether it's at the beginning or a long way into

your journey, I am here to offer you help, guidance, and support.


If you have any questions, need advice, and support with your spiritual development,

or any other personal issues you need guidance with then please feel free to EMAIL me.



Welcome to Inner Calling


NEW - Lightbody Attunement Healing

Great aide for the ascension process



Readings available are;



Soul path and purpose

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Goddess Ascension Oracle cards

now open for ordering

Last updated...28th August 2016

A spiritual haven for all your mind, body, and soul needs.

Specialising in Ascension and energy services.

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NEW - The Inner Calling, Ascension Book is now open to take pre - orders.

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