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Ascension and Energy Services by Wendy Murphy


The ascension awakening process, and your life path, can be very challenging and difficult at times.It can often be a lonely journey, and cause insecurities, fears, and doubts to arise.


l can help you to understand your path, what is happening and why and awaken gifts within you, that you are perhaps aware of, but don’t know how to utilise them. If you have been feeling unmotivated and stuck l can help you to release blocks, through a process of healings, attunements and life coaching techniques.


We are all in this journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation. We can all help one another through our trials and our accomplishments. As we transform we also help the collective and Earth to evolve from a 3D to 4D, 5D and higher.


Wherever you are on your spiritual journey and life path,

I am here to offer you help, guidance, and support with your ascension journey and life path via readings, healings, ascension sessions and soul portraits.





Services Available

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'I am very grateful for your guidance Wendy.Your work is helping me tremendously to connect the dots of my life. Uncovering a new layer. Lifting my inner veils.You are very gifted, and you are inspiring me. Thank you.'


'Hi Wendy! Thank you for the reading. It was way more than I expected and spot on!! Thank you so much!!!'


'Dear Wendy, I recently received one of your soul portraits as a gift for my birthday. I must say form the bottom of my heart that no one before has ever felt my essence the way you have which left me speechless, overwhelmed and really impressed.'